Jenga Special Edition

Trump Tower


At Machacas we like thinking out of the box. We ideate and create. And when president Donald Trump came to the US presidency earlier this 2017, we started thinking which could be our take to celebrate the new president.

We decided to take on the redesign of one of the most iconic table games. We designed a very special and limited edition of the Jenga tower by Hasbro.

Hasbro being the brand holding rights for the game has nothing to do with this version. This is purely our own initiative. But we would love seeing this kind of edition coming in the market.  -> So if we triggered any minds thinking about doing it, we’d love hearing from.

Here the Trump Tower. The stackable game but now coming with golden coated pieces > Built to be watched collapse beautifully!



Internal vs External creative agencies

Since a while I see more companies developing their own creative agencies associated to their businesses and products. Heavily investing in creative workforce > staff… And while these ‘born from within’ creative bureaus orchestrate perfectly within the vision and values of the brand, they also run (after a period of time)  into challenges to constantly strive for out of the box ideas. It proves impossible to keep thinking off new ideas while wearing the same thinking cap.

To avoid failing to deliver new insights and ideas for your brand > You’d need to trigger those creative appendixes and promote changes. Internally constantly challenging the brief. And instil an insatiable -natural- curiosity to explore new directions.

If that proves too hard, or your brand needs from faster results > remember that many (external) creative agencies exist because of the need to explore and develop their own vision, so it comes inherent to explore for new results.